Renew your OPITO MIST Certificate

OPITO Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST) is for workers travelling offshore in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). MIST Online is the refresher training and re-assessment for experienced offshore workers to renew their MIST certification every four years. This three-hour eLearning course includes assessment and content on five key areas: Major Accident Hazards, Workplace Hazards and Personal Safety, Risk Management, Control of Work and Helicopter Safety.

To renew your MIST certificate online you must possess: A valid OPITO MIST initial or OPITIO MIST Further training certificate, or have a valid Vantage POB number and you must have worked offshore in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCF) or internationally. If you do not meet this criteria then you should enrol for the OPITO MIST classroom course.

MIST Online is £51 excluding VAT and can be completed anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. Your OPITO Further MIST certificate (Standard Code 5311) can be accessed on completion of the course.

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